June 10, 2008

trend alert_cuffed

post originally by: MaleUgly. San Franciso, CA
If you haven't been cuffing your pants, now is certainly the time to start. A.P.C., Flippa K, Won Hundred, even fashion giant H&M (just to name a few) have proven that shortening your pant legs by folding them up a couple inches is fashionably desirable. We can all freshen up old pieces--shorts, chinos, denim--by taking our hemlines to new heights!

In the past, high-waters, clam-diggers and tapered cuffs were seen as nerdy and even fashion don't; now trend continues to reinvent itself past rolled up sleeves, making this slightly disheveled finish to any outfit seem tempting to try. And why not? IT'S SO EASY!

Now, there's a right way and wrong way to do this:

Do cuff right above your ankle; Don't over-cuff by folding too high (up to 2 inches is sufficient!) or too many times over--if it's fat and heavy, it'll weigh you down proportionally and make you look stumpy!

So, ladies and gents, bring out those jeans and trousers you were lazy to get hemmed, and create new outfits just in time for summer!


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Left to Right. Our Legacy, J. Lindeberg.