August 1, 2008

Adamo Ruggiero

Adamo Ruggiero is an actor on a hit Canadian TV show called Degrassi. He plays an openly gay character Marco Del Rossi, I have watched that show for years and every season he is always the best [dressed] on the shows. I even tried to imitate some of his ensembles!

Yes he is now openly gay as of this year, (just in case you where wondering) so thats why he can dress so good lol. jK!!! But you can see him on the January 2008 cover of Fab Magazine. Hopefully in the future, we will see more of Adamo after Degrassi. 


Meanshots22 said...

lol i used to watch degrassi favs were page,manny,and emma. the guys were boring but marco was the only fun one to watch.

Ricky said...

I love that show, I use to watch it every day.

dressed said...

Why did you guys stop watching?