July 16, 2008

[dressed] line_mjolk

The name of the line is pronounced ("mi-yelk"). Lars Stoten is the founder and head designer from Denmark who started this linein 2003 because he believed that mens "clothing [lacked] artisan craftsmanship. In an article from Nylon for Guys magazine, he said that he spent his childhood at a cutting table and sewing machine.

All of his pieces are edgy but wearable,"checked blue shirts with red buttons, knit vests, slim-fit jeans, bow ties and zippered knit cardigans.

Very trendy and original. And yes, the skinny jean will not die!! lolThis outfit for example is very wearable on the street. What makes it cool is that the detailing on the collar and the color choices in the shoes.

His clothing line debuts this summer in Australia. You can now purchase some pieces online at purestcut.com.

Christian N. Phillips

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Archie said...

I just love to wear trendy mens clothes...

dressed said...

Let me know of any cool designers you want me to write about!