July 22, 2008

future tattoo's

I'm gonna get some more tattoo's soon and I am lovin' stars. Let me know of what you think about these. 


Taylor Stanley said...

I love star tattoos; they're just so damn cute.

Just be aware that most of the places that you want them done are going to hurt like a bitch. The closer to the bone and the more nerve endings the area has, the more painful it's going to be. So, obviously, the inside of your wrist and your fingers are going to hurt likewoah.
Not to mention behind the ear. That's sitting on top of your skull still!

Anyway, these are all very cute and subtle in size. You always have had good taste.

dressed said...

I know that they are gonna hurt, but I am gonna take the pain!! I don't wanna/like to settle for less, but yes stars are sooo cute and classy! =]

tsad said...

I want the Chrisianna stars! Theyre a nice size, and theyre not offensive, or controversial

dressed said...

What kind of star is that?