March 10, 2009

Hot or Not: Panty Lines Showing

Why is this so hard for women to understand? Pantylines are GROSS! I don't care where you are, at the grocery store, mall, library, post need to make sure your granny panties are not showing. It's very simple to take care of this, juss get rid of all the saggy underwear in your drawer and replace them with boyshorts, thongs or g-strings. This will allow you to never have to worry about if your panty-lines are showing.


tls8389 said...

Or you could just buy the alternative panties that are specifically labeled "panty-line free!".
They're usually pretty comfortable and at the same price as every other pair you will ever buy.

[dressed] said...

I never went into the women's pantie department, so I never knew the sold such awesome inventions!! I guess I may have to write about them on my site!! lol