August 13, 2008

[dressed] clothing line_Benjamin Bixby

Andre 3000, the hip-hop recording artist of the duo Outkast will be launching his clothing line soon. It is composed of a 70 piece line that was inspired by "U.S. prep style and by college football from the 1930's".

All of the clothes have been designed by Mr. 3000 himself and some of his pieces include fedora hats, waistcoats and pink sweatshirts, all pieces that you see him wear on a regular basis. There are not many photos of his line, but I did happen to find this one above on a blog. There were comments about how "ornately designed the stitching was when compared to regular cable-knit sweaters. 

Even though Benjamin Bixby is not really my style, I am looking forward to it because there may be some pieces that I would like to cop. And just to let you know his line will only be on sale at Barney's stores for now. No word on if it will be available online. 

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Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

I can see myself in his stuff, but im guessing he's only making menswear?

dressed said...

He is actually doing a womans line too lol. So look out for it!