August 29, 2008

Trend Alert: Full Cut Trousers

Full cut trousers are what's hot for winter. They have mostly been seen on women, but they can also be pulled off by the opposite sex. I personally don't have a pair but will totally invest in some. I first seen them in GQ magazine and thought they were so fierce and had to have them.

As of now, I have been religious to the skinny jean and have not/will not let go of them. But I could definitely see full cut trousers making a small staple. 

Also please remember that to keep your outfit proportioned, if your going to wear full cut trousers, make sure you wear a slim-fitted top. If you decide on wearing a billowy tee-shirt, your setting your self up for failure. 

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Anonymous said...

I like the wide legged ness of the pants, it adds to the mens genre. Theyre not baggy jeans, though... Its something different.

dressed said...

Yes, wide legs are an good alternative to the skinny pant/jean and what's good about wide legs is that you can dress them up or down. Unlike skinny pants/jeans, you only get to wear them "down" lol.