September 19, 2008

Tip: How To Quickly Gauge Without The Pain

I love the look of gauged earrings. On the other hand, I do not want to endure the pain of stretching my ear hole. I also don't want to be limited to just gauged earrings if I were to get them. What if I wanna wear diamond studs one day?? Well that's why there are fake gauges available! You can have the look of your ear gauged, but keep your ears there regular size.

There are all types of designs if you do not like this tapered look.

Here is a site where you can purchase some.


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice.
I wouldnt want stretched lobes for the rest of my life either, thats a really cold way to do it though. I like the whole Travie for GCH look.

Meanshots22 said...

lol. i wouldnt want a stretched lobe either travis. i think its a good idea

dressed said...

Gauges do close back up, it's just depending on the size of your hole.

Taylor Stanley said...

Very badass. ;]
I love the marbled look of the first one.
A far as gauges go, though, I'm not a big fan of the bigger ones, anyway. There's something weird about a lobe being stretched out to fit something the size of a bangle.