September 7, 2008

Day 6: Little Urban Look

My favorite color is blue if you don't know that already. Oh, and I'm trying to find better places to take my photos because the dorm rooms are always dirty (as you can tell).

Hat - Rue 21
Shirt - Rue 21
Necklace - Forever 21
Bracelet - Buckle
Jeans - Wal-mart
Sneakers - Vans


Meanshots22 said...

I like the shirt. i could pretty much tell it was from rue 21 before i even read because they always have cool shirts.over all the whole outfit is cute


casual cute! love the shirt!

Cor Cor said...

What is Rue 21? I've never heard of them before. And I love how you shop @ Forever 21. I used to work there, so I gotta represent! I love that they carry a men's line now. What do you think about it? =)

dressed said...

You have never heard of Rue 21? Well they sale both men and women's clotihing, it's kind of similar to Forever 21 minus the coolness factor lol.

Thank You! I love Forever 21! But unfortunately in my area, they don't sale men's clothing...only online =/

But why did you stop working at Forever 21 btw?

Cor Cor said...

Oh ... my boss was a b*@tch. Haha.

I dunno if they've renovated the Forever 21's out there, but here in the LA area, they're all redone ... they're trying to appeal to a high-end market, but keeping the prices low. They also have their sub-lines Twelve by Twelve and Heritage, which are a little bit more of a upscale look.

I went back to my old store and found out she doesn't work there anymore either. I think I might go back and re-apply. But I don't want to be a sales associate again. I'm gonna try and go for the visuals team. =) (Plus, I miss my employee discount! Haha.)