December 29, 2008

sneaker alert_public royalty

Punk or Funk? Well Both.
In the midst of all of the financial turmoil, teens have not lost the need to dress to impress. The latest trend in sneakers are high tops in an array of colors. One such brand that couples the retro look with the swagga street style for men is Public Royalty. This brand of shoe is a branch off of the women’s line Punkrose. Both of these lines offer high tops, lo tops, and also casual shoes at a reasonable price. Public Royalty usually falls in the $25 to $70 range. So whether you’re looking for a shoe to match your fluorescent yellow shirt or to complement your plaid cardigan, do it in style with Public Royalty’s fashion kicks.

These would go best with a nice pair of skinny or straight leg jeans. I currently own a pair and they're the shizz. They come with lots of colorful laces as well.

Christian-Nathaniel Phillips

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Meanshots22 said...

i like these. they favor "shmacks".