January 27, 2009

Lydia Paek

If you have been watching the new season of Americas Best Dance Crew (ABDC), than you have seen the hot Korean-American chick, Lydia Paek, from the all boy dance group, Boxcuttuhz. Unfortunately the group was already voted off this season; I didn't think they deserved that, but oh well. But what I loved so much about the group was LYDIA!!! She is so hot and well dressed--dudes can totally take note on her LOl. Her style is VERY urban, typical big glasses, skinny jeans, fake nails etc. If you have the chance, PLEASE google her, or watch past episodes online here.

But what I think is so cool is that she can sing too! I would have never known if I didn't look her up on yahoo. This girl is going to have  a record deal soon, so continue to look out for her. But in the mean time she has plenty of videos on YouTube. The video I have below is of her singing "I Need You Bad" by Jasmine Sullivan.
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Taylor Stanley said...

I'm going to be picky again. Please feel free to delete this and banish me from making comments like this ever again. :]

"Unfortunately the group was already voted of* the show this season, but I didn't think they deserved that, but oh well."
*Should be off.
This is also a run on. Either prune the bit after the last comma, or tweak the wording for a smoother flow.