January 10, 2009

Tip: Being Yourself With Deshon Greene

When it comes to fashion, Columbia high school is on the top of the list. From the effortless trendy styles of the art and photo students to the toned-down styles of Columbia's own hipsters. Walking down these halls I've seen the most original and inspiring styles. But at the same time I see a lot of fashion DON'TS, and it's mostly among the guys. I'm all about personal style and how you put things together and make it work but this is just getting ridiculous. BAGGY JEANS ARE HISTORY! A THING OF THE PAST! Can't anyone get these young men the message? I mean honestly how can you come to school in a size 38 pair of omavi's with an extra-small T-shirt on? It almost looks as thought your stuck in fashion limbo. But that's where I come in, think of me as the superman of fashion, here to defeat the Lex Luthor that is

Guys' style this season is all about simplicity. The less time it looks like you took on your outfit, the better it will look. I know that sounds a little crazy, but trust me, it's the truth. When trying to find that effortless quick outfit, use my fool proof fashion equation. 
Big button-up/cardigan + skinny jeans + vans authentic = CAN'T GO WRONG

Adding an over-sized button-up cardigan can liven up any plain outfit. If your wondering where to find stylish and affordable cardigans look to your local American Apparel store, and for button-ups you can find some at Old Navy that won't cost more than 20 bucks. Another accessory that I see is getting popular is little pins and buttons. I often see people adding stylish pins to their bags or shirts.

Since the temperatures are dropping you should always be concerned about how you layer your outerwear. If you want to add some edge to one of your outfits try and add some vintage pieces to it. The saying is true that things only get better with time. Why wast tons of dollars buying sweaters and sweat shirts that are supposedly "IN" when you can be hip with a mere $5 vintage find. Most of the thrift stores I frequent have the best pieces, like Ralph Lauren sweaters, Burberry, and sometimes YSL. And if your wondering what coat to buy this winter, don't look too far because with just $80 you can stay warm and fashion forward with a simple pea coat.

So as we all see the biggest trend to hit Columbia high school for guys is the skinny jean. I personally wear the jean because it adds a more modern effect to my outfits, and won't cover my shoes in all that annoying blue dye. But I am going to stress this point so much, SKINNY JEANS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. Most guys I know don't want to wear them and it's completely understandable, there tight and often uncomfortable. If you don't want to go all the way skinny try a pair of Levi 511's, they still sit at the top of your shoe but still keep that looseness that guys want and won't empty your pockets. Even though the tag says skinny they generally fit like a slim straight.

So guys this is a just a brief note on how to stay fashion forward for cheap. But this isn't the only way to stay hip; you can always add your own personal spin to things. It's all about how you add your own spice and ingredients to this pot of soup we call fashion. Try your best to set trends and not follow them and when you forget everything else remember to always think outside the box and be yourself. 

--Deshon Greene

"I don't do fashion, I am fashion."
    --Coco Chanel
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Meanshots22 said...

some of these tips i agree with some i dont. adding cans and skinny jeans are not the safe route anymore. those times have past. Me, i think fitted/skinny jeans and timbs or any boot is safe. but i do agree with the baggy jeans being out of style. but hey, what ever floats your boat