March 8, 2009

the kids who smoke

(Agyness Deyn)
Why is it with all the trendy kids that smoke?
Why is it becoming trendy to pick up such the dirty habit?
I hate looking at pictures of beautiful young men/women on the net of them in hot outfits, but puffing on cancer sticks. 

I know smoking is definitely not a new thing, but I just think that there is NO reason to smoke.
It makes your clothes smell horrible and you age faster, and not only is it bad for your health people it is not attractive!

Pick up a new addicting habit--like washing your hands?! 

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taylor stanley said...

It's too bad that Agyness Deyn smokes.
I have like, the biggest crush on that woman.

[dressed] said...

So you wouldn't date a woman who smokes??

taylor stanley said...

I would and I did.
It's just sad that people start.