March 27, 2009

Tip: Your Number 1 + 2 Accessory

Being fashionable is a fulltime gig. We find ourselves browsing every clothing site on the net and shop hoping for the perfect accessories to make an outfit stand out. At the end of the day we suffer the pains associated with covering every mall in the area so grueling that the hunt almost seems not worth it. In this hunt for “the” best accessories we neglect the obvious. We carry our two best accessories with us; our skin and our hair.

Sadly enough I am not a doctor, your skin should be left to your own devices. Just keep is clean and remove any unnecessary oils from your skin on a daily basis. On the hair front, keeping your hair on the up and up is largely a matter of personal style. What you can do with your hair is in large a matter of genetics. Personally, my hair is a kinky as it comes. It’s thick, curly and untamable. So I embrace my hair for the wild beast it is, I often wear my hair in a well coifed or curly fro, and occasionally I wear it in two strand twists. I would suggest embracing your hair for its natural state, especially if you’re a person of color. Just make a practice of keeping it clean and free of excess oil, dandruff and dirt. Use good products, and experiment until you find what works for you.

A few key concepts in wearing your hair well:
--Make it look like nature gave to you what others would die for.
--Do not use products that carry heavy odors that may overpower a light cologne.
--Combs, brushes and other hair grooming utensils are your friends, use them.
--Don’t be afraid to try new products.
--Choose styles that frame your face well.
--Keep in mind that what works for another person, might not always work for you.


taylor stanley said...

Also along the lines of skin and hair: NAILS.
This goes for everyone. Please remember that people look at your nails to judge your health and hygiene.
Use a soft bristled tooth brush to clean the under sides of your nails and indulge by either buffing them yourself or getting them taken care of by a professional. The rosy glow and soft shine it brings will make all the difference.

[dressed] said...

Oh yea, and don't forget the cuticles.
Those are important too.