April 22, 2009

Rihanna Wing Earring

I first saw her rocking this earring in the "Live Your Life" music video with TI and just happened to come across it again online. I have a fetish with funky earrings [ie. my fake gauges LOl], so these just really turned me on! I would love to rock one of these. If I find a cheap version in stores somewhere, I will let you guys know. 

PLEASE, PLEASE check out www.RihannaDaily.com, this was were I found this image. The site covers so much about the clothes that she wears!! If your a Rihanna fan like me, then you will enjoy.


taylor stanley said...

I can't find anything near as nice (obv), but I can find some cute substitutes.
It all depends on how flashy you'd like to go, I suppose.

Everything else I found was sold out. Sorry, kid.


[dressed] said...

I checked out those, not really feeling them lOL.
But I'm actually gonna look for some wing earrings :]