April 19, 2009

Tip: Keep Colors Vibrant

Another one of my co-workers from another store [Starbucks] was telling me about how her manager requires her to dye her uniform if it gets faded. I found this outrageous! I have never heard of a manager requiring that!! We at Starbucks mostly wear black to work, [I personally feel it's the most flattering on us] so that affects most of us. But her manager recommended RIT Dye. I had no idea what she was talking about nor the effectiveness of it. So I am still not sure about it. Is the dye gonna mess up my other clothes? Will the dye leak off during the day? How long does it last? Scared and confused LOl.

Black clothes in the wash fade the fastest. I hate this so much because if you are wearing a cute outfit and your colors are not crisp, you look cheap. Not a good look. But hopefully this can be solved with the dyeing technique! They have different possible methods of dyeing your clothes. One is by adding drops of dye to your wash load, or soaking your clothes in a bucket with the dye and boiling water.

Other techniques to keep your darks dark that I know of:
-Always wash dark colors in cold water.
-Use detergent specifically made for darks [i.e., Woolite Dark]
-If the fabric is particularly delicate, wash it by hand with cold water and Borax.
-Never put black clothing in the dryer. Instead, hang them to dry.
-Only wash when necessary, excessive washing causes fading.
-Also washing your dark clothing inside out will help avoid fading.

Please let me know what techniques you use, or if you have used RIT Dye before. I'm really interested in saving money and not having to buy new clothes for work every month LOl.

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taylor stanley said...

RIT Dye: Cheap, effective, and easy.
The main problem is finding a space and container large enough for your article of clothing. Not to mention a space for the item to dry.
Also, you'll have to consider that whatever you use to help you in the dying process will inevitably also be dyed this color.
Don't get me wrong, though. Dying things is actually a pretty easy way to re-vamp colors.

Mr. Dedicated said...

I have used Rid dye before to upcyle and dye diff. materials the same color, it works pretty well on most fabrics. However, it often requires more than one box of dye and several washes to stop the dye from running.I normally dye thigs in the washer and instead of washing alone i will soak them inn the tub overnight and then wash with like colors with a color-safe washing sheet. It prevents colors from bleeding on to oneanother.