May 21, 2009

wegetDRESSED Daily Celebrity: Beyonce

I am not saying that she is best [dressed] all the time, but she has her good days. LOl. Most of the time she just does a simple top and jean, and that's not [dressed]. She keeps a little too conservative for me when she is on the streets. Especially when your in a whole different fashion bracket. Having such access to great designers?!? I don't understand. 

But this photo here I like. The loose and baggy look paired with the high-heel is doing wonders for me! Most times people do baggy looks, they get lost in the outfit. I guess it is also her confidence that is helping too. But most of the time I would advise to do only one baggy thing at a time in an outfit. Like either a baggy top or baggy bottom. Not both.


taylor stanley said...

This outfit is great and really well thought out.
She's rocking baggy the right way: carefully. Even though the clothes are loose and have potential to look billowy, she's got the legs lightly cinched and a patterned sweater. This, I think, is one of the main points that helps fight off the "swimming" look. Also, the rolled sleeves bring the same effect as the cinched ankles.
Great photo find.

Meanshots22 said...

gotta love bee

[dressed] said...

Thanks, I will keep my eyes open for you guys :)