May 30, 2009

on my ipod_lady gaga - starstruck

Heard this song for the first time at my job [Charlotte Russe]. Caught my ear. I'm not sure exactly what being starstruck means in relation to the song. She is basically just talking about how she went up in the club and kicking it with the DJ. What does it mean? Lady Gaga is still the shit and love her for coming on the scene with her fresh creativity.

Baby could you blow my heart up ( x4)

Baby now that we're alone, got a request
Would you make me number one on your playlist
Got your dirty headphones
With the left side on
Wanna scratch it back and forth, back and forth uhuh
Put your hands on my waist, pull the fader
Run it back with your original flavor
Put the breakdown first, up into the chorus to the verse

Sound off.

--Christian Nathaniel

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