June 13, 2009

48. body necklaces

I'm having a pool party for my birthday and was thinking about what I wanted to wear. I didn't want to look lame and just have on swimming trunks. I also want to accessorize. So I came up with the idea to wear a body necklace?? What do you think?
I know it's a very slutty accessory that ladies wear. But who gives a fuck?
A lot of celebrities wear them at the beach. This could easily add a little pop to my oh-so-lame speedo Lls.

The picture above is the necklace that I want to wear, so just imagine me topless with this on...
Sound off.

--Christian Nathaniel

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Doma-Nikki said...

I never knew about these until your post!! Go for it!

I may buy one should i go on holiday in august :o)

taylor stanley said...

Who cares if it brings the connotation of being a slut; hottest accessory I've seen since the pocket watch!
Go for it!