June 6, 2009

[dressed] line_htdogwtr

HTDOGWTR designed and created by Jeffrey Lee, a designer currently residing in Greensboro, NC. The line was officially launched in 2004 and quickly gained popularity celebrities and teens alike. In the future Jeffrey Lee plans on opening his first boutique in Charlotte, NC within the next year. As of now, all of his clothes and accessories are available for purchase online at the website, www.HTDOGWTR.com

I rock HTDOGWTR daily. He will keep you [dressed] accordingly. It's not fashion it's a lifestyle.
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Tay said...

Random: I remember that dude worked in some shoe store in the Four Seasons, not sure if he still does.
But anyway he had the 1st pair of Yeezys Ive seen n person and he's always fly.

idoesthiscauseican said...

yeah he works in Jimmy Jazz's. I didn't think he was FRESH to the point where it would make me do a double take, just flyy. lmao. but congrats to him...and his attitude was not all that....i'm finished.