June 10, 2009

neck tattoo?!

I don't understand why tattoo's in particular places such as the neck and lowerback are seen as taboo. This is not the 80's anymore. People back in the day usually seen tattoos as bad because the majority of the people that had them were people in gangs or lower-class citizens.

Today, tattoo's have become trendy and popular in the fashion industry. You can't hide it parents Lls. Your child probably has one. A tattoo put in the right place can be shown off with the right out fit. No I'm not saying that ALL tattoo's are nice. But if you do want a "permanent skin painting" enough go ahead and do it! Just stay [dressed].
Sound off.

--Christian Nathaniel

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taylor stanley said...

I really love the idea of white tattoos and am thinking more and more about getting one of my own.
I still want it to hold some meaning though so I won't be getting one anytime in the near future; I have no idea what I'd want done!

[dressed] said...

That's so excitign!! Lemme know what you get!