July 18, 2011

Trend: Skirts For Men By Marc Jacobs

Never abide by set fashion rules.

Marc Jacobs got a lot of buzz about his skirts/kilts he made for men in his clothing line back in 2009. Fashion always changes and never has rules. If you follow any “rules”, than your not getting dressed true to yourself.

The man skirt will be very taboo for the average anybody to even consider. The fact that he wears it so well just/should inspire anyone to not stand for fashion 'rules'.

Straight fashionable men don’t want to admit it, but buying women’s skinny jeans and accessories and even makeup could technically be considered “cross-dressing”. By all means, I’m not knocking stealing some women styling tips. I think fashion is an art just like painitng, be dressed just use fabric to “paint”.


Anonymous said...

Everybody says it, and what everybody says must be true.

fashionbreakout said...

I believe that this is a ture statement that people should really understand. I love Marc Jacobs and I always fallen in love with his iconic klit !

Anonymous said...

Actually nothing is knew about men in skirts because the skirt was a man's garment only in past. Women adopted them for her wardrobe.
Marc Jacobs is doing just that job bringing back this kind of clothing to men, and he's doing a great job with that. I would love my husband would go in a skirt, too.

wegetDRESSED.com said...

I know the skirt derived from the kilt and I don't believe that the man skirt will take the new world by store, but I do see it's current popularity in the fashion world that wasn't present in the past 20 years.
Hope there was no confusion with the post!

Anonymous said...

Actually the kilt is just a man's skirt and the history of men's skirts is more than 10,0000 years older. Women borrowed the skirt from men in 17-18th century by cutting their long dresses in half to look more masculine.

wegetDRESSED.com said...

Haha thanks for getting this straight for me. I know the skirt and kilt went together, but I'm glad there are people out there still reading. :] Appreciate it!