July 11, 2009

wegetDRESSED Daily: Late Michael Jackson

OMG. I admired Michael so much as a kid! His style can not be pulled off by any other. The shiny, sparkly, studded clothes and accessories and jewelry he wore are like so awesome.
There needs to be a whole 25 page on his style starting from the beginning of his career. I would love to do it if I had the resources.

Do you know of a source online?

To all the MJ fans. May the King rest in peace, 1958-2009.
Keep it [dressed].

--Christian Nathaniel

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Leesa Moselle said...

Oh my goodness I love this so much <3. I've always admired his sense of style too! Ummm... as far as resources, try this:


I don't know if it helps, or if you're still interested in doing such. If you want I could do scans from some of the tribute magazines I've purchased too. They have some pretty HQ pics.

Leesa Moselle said...

And also, this girl's blog has a lot of MJ inspired clothing because she loved him too.


Hopefully it gives insight into things that people can actually wear/ how his signature style translates into other styles, or other adaptations by designers.