July 23, 2009

retail horror

I always hear horror stories from my friends who work in retail. Working at the mall has always been highly desired by young teens in high-school. It’s either the great discount or just the bragging rights you get to recieve from being able to punch in at the location, I don’t know what form drags people into work for retail chains.

My friend Kim got a job this summer working at abercrombie for kids at Northlake Mall. Anyone getting a job in this season of the economy is blessed, but at the same time cursed :[. Working for big retail chains always come with the bad always outweighing the good. The most angst I hear is about one shift a week, low pay, too many people on the schedule, poor management etc. Those are all important things considering you actually applied to a location to make money.

I work part-time, and I mean very much part-time at Charlotte Russe at Northlake Mall as well and I am in the same position. Thank GOD that Charlotte Russe was not my only job, because I would be in trouble. My manager basically told us, you get hours based on how well you sale. If you can make the store more money, they are more willing to put you on the schedule. I am not as upset as others because I make all of my other money from Starbucks [I LOVE YOU STARBUCKS!!]. So I just have Charlotte Russe for pocket change and basically gas money.

I feel that retail companies need to stop milking teens for all of there worth. I think a boycott should be put in place :D Sounds very “in-your-face” to me! Just for the record, I don’t shop at any of those major mall chains anyways. I am better off NOT paying for overpriced clothes.

Christian Nathaniel

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