August 1, 2009

Spotlight: Tastee cosmetics

Tell me why [dressed] readers and all of Charlotte need Tastee Cosmetics in there makeup bags or kept desks or bookbags? Jami–> It truly is a GREAT brand! It’s good for you and good to you, meaning that not only is made with healthy ingredients but, it makes your lips soft & delicious everytime. We all love products that work!

Now that you have launched your new business venture of your organic and all natural lip balms and lipglosses, what is next for Tastee that you see fit for in the future? OMG! I see alot… of course I’d like to expand our product line offering a variety of colors in balms, glosses, lip tints, etc. Just be a guru of lip products. When you hear Tastee Cosmetics you think wow awesome lip stuff!

I know you say that your niche is doing makeup because you get empowered by bringing out women’s natural beauty, but with Tastee Cosmetics now launched, do you still currently work professionally as a makeup artist? If so, when Tastee grows and becomes national, will Tastee be the main focus of interest? They are clients of mine that I will always do makeup for… of course as Tastee grows I won’t be in the studio as much. I’ll just have to pray for a good balance and hope I don’t pull my hair out…

I’m really excited about Tastee and the big things that are sure to come out of it. I love the fact that you donate 10% of you made purchases to Cancer Research. More small businesses need to follow in your footsteps. But what would you like to say to other small business working the corporate ladder who are discouraged by the economy, family issues, self-doubt? Keep at it! Some days I ask my family am I nuts for starting a business right now, but you don’t know until you try. (I know that’s cliche) but true. I don’t wanna be 60 years old wondering “what if” Can’t win the race if you don’t show up!?

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