August 16, 2009

Hair: Why Wendy Williams Loves Her Wigs?

Wendy wears wigs everyday. She rocks so many different styles and doesn’t hide the fact that she wears them. Why? Wendy’s real hair is very thin and sparse, she has told her now TV viewers this all the time. 

Back in the day she has posted pictures of her real hair when she had did her radio show. This is the original image, sorry its really small, but you get the idea. Check out this video below to see her natural edges and hairline.

I love Wendy and her big, unnatural wigs. She works with them so well because of her larger than life personality matches her locks.

She has also told her viewers some great Wendy Wig Tips on her after show online:

I give so many props to Wendy Williams for being so real about her life struggles since so many of her viewers [women] go through the hair loss dilemma.

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