October 3, 2009

On The Street: Rob Mitchell

Hello, Introduce yourself to the [dressed] magazine community! Tell us who you are. My name is Robbie Mitchell. I am 28 years old, style artisan in its purest form. I hate titles but a couple have attached themselves to my persona in some form or another; Visual merchandiser, lifestyle stylist, personal shopper, and self proclaimed purveyor of all things beautiful and well crafted.

What are some style tips your can give us? Less is more at times, just as over the top elegance can be done in good taste. Balance is key in whatever look you are trying to achieve. Proportions, body style, fit, color, fabric choice should come into consideration first before simply trying to find accessories to match a top/shoes. Make it your own, I hate seeing uniformity and a overall lack of individuality.. Finding your personal flair will do more to enhance an outfit than anything you could ever buy. Style is something you are born with, but is also something under the right tutelage that can be taught, or at least mimicked.

[Image: Militant Mannequin: Army Surplus Jumper-Vintage, Occhiali- Polarized Ray-ban Wayfarers, Tee- Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, "Rude Remarks" pins- Revolution, Bracelet- D&G, Timepiece-D&G, Shoes- Fendi]

How would you describe your personal style? My personal fickleness will not allow me to stick to one particular style of dress. I’m a seeker and always try to capitalize on new trends, and find beauty in most things the average person does not. I admire great tailoring, fit is and always be the ultimate deal breaker in whether a ensemble is a go or a no. I like the perfect or imperfect mix of high and low. Helmut Lang denim and a American Apparel t-shirt is comparable. Invest in a beautiful timepiece or quality jewelry. Sidebar: Helmut is the best pair of jeans you will ever own.

Who is your favorite designer? I really admire what Hedi Slimane did for Dior Homme. He really brought a certain aesthetic back to the house that was missing before. It’s hard finding clothes at times for my body frame without getting them tailored. I have long arms, long legs, and a long torso which can sometimes be difficult to shop for and other times a breeze depending on the source. I also admire Martin Margiela, Comme des Garcons, YSL and Lanvin, and those are just some of the high end design house, far too many too list so I wont even try. Don’t become a label whore, but however focus on fit, material, and craftsmanship not a name stitched inside the garment.

How do you dress someone you don't know but also keep their personality? I Listen, watch, and pay attention to them and their vision. Don’t overstep your boundaries, but at the same time broaden their range and discuss possibilities. What might seem unorthodox and contrary might bring about a new attitude, new look, and new way of thinking. Clothing transcends protection from the elements, surpasses the physical, and has truly evolved into a true art form. I appreciate clothing on that level, everyone should.

What are your last thoughts? There is a difference between liking, loving, and being passionate about something. I’m passionate about my craft. Be passionate about your gifts, and capitalize on them as often as you can as much you can, and let the cards fall where they may.

Christian Nathaniel

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