January 2, 2010

trend alert_men in heels

He goes by Gregory Gorgeous.
He lives in Canada.
Coming in at only 17 years old, rocking a 5" heel in public is so daring.
I would love to have the balls to do this.
Let alone actually having a pair of shoes such as these!
If you have twitter follow him; [twitter.com/gregorygorgeous].

Christian-Nathaniel Phillips


B.Leigh said...

this boy is straight fool
this sets standards that all gays are this way
and why we are trying to help average world so to say
see us as just as normal as they are
gay folks out being foolish like this
and i'm gay myself

no stamp of gay approval

[dressed] said...

Omg that was so mean! I didn't think that it was a standard for all gays :[

Travis Sadler said...

This is not a trend alert, This is a tranny alert, and that's not even a man bag, it's just a purse! no. And he's wearing makeup! wtf, no. I mean, I don't hate him or anything but it's not a trend alert for men.