April 20, 2010

wegetDRESSED Daily: Lisa Bonet + Zoe Kravitz

Some people would call her look grungy or sloppy. I like the free-bird-ness of it though. I am in love with people who can just throw things together and still make it work.
 Her daughters look is similar but a step-up in a modern direction.

I always want to look like a "free bird", but at the same time not look like I smoke weed all day. Does anyone else see this as a trait to really [dressed]-vintage men and women?

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Travis Sadler said...

OMG Lisa Bonet actually did have a drug problem. She reminds of Lindsay Lohan right now, except the drugs are just alcohol. btw LOVE both Lindsay Lohan, and Lisa Bonet's style just not their addictions.