August 21, 2010

Gauge Check In | Size 16G

So I went ahead and officially started gauging my ears as of yesterday! I went to Hot Topic and got some information with one of the associates. I was told I should start off with either an 18 or 16 gauge; I bought the 16.

Side note: $18 is a little pricey for an earring that I am only going to wear for a couple of weeks.
Above is an example of how large/small of a gauge I would be comfortable with. I'm not interested in big droopy plates in my ear, so don't think I will get to an outrageous size. 

I will keep you all posted on my ear gauging journey. 


Prudent_Ally said...

I gauged my second ear holes 6 years ago with a 14, and I have them still to this day...definitely love them. I think it'll be a good look for you.

Anonymous said...

you could have started bigger. i started with a 12g and had no problem getting them in a regular hole. it' save money by skipping over the smaller sizes

[dressed] said...

I only started out small because the associates at Hot Topic told me it's better. I wanted to be cautious.

taylor s said...

Keep me posted on how this is going! And good choice starting small. Yes, you could have started bigger, but you'd also be at more of a risk of infections and tearing skin (yikes!).