February 21, 2011

Video: Why We Love Denim?

Denim has been around for such a long time and it's not leaving us anytime soon. It is such a favorite all around the world no matter what style or age.

Interviewee's on the streets of NY mention that "It can be worn with almost anything". Your not limited to the type of look to go for with denim. Denim is also a favorite by all because "it's comfortable". A good pair of jeans can last you years. A staple item like that would make anyone want to own them.

Now that jeans now come in all different cuts and colors, you can wear a different pair of jeans everyday of your life if you wanted to. As jeans age you can see the tears in them that are now a style. The more holes in your jeans the better. Most companies mimic that in their productions.

Get some good pairs of jeans that fit you and you can't go wrong.

Source: H&M

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