June 29, 2011

Beauty: At Home Hair Laser Hair Removal

If you have considered getting laser hair removal to save time from having to shave but you can't fork out the hundreds of dollars, there is now an at-home laser hair removal option.

The TRIA Hair Removal laser is a relatively new product that launched a few years ago that claims to leave you hair free after 6 months of use. The laser uses the same technology found in professional laser.

This may sound like a great option at first but there are some draw backs that should be evaluated before considering. The laser goes for a one time $395 but which is still better than paying costly doctor visits. It's recommended to be used by people with light to medium skin with dark hair. So this means this product is only for white people with dark hair. And it has been reported that it can get painful [burning] as you continue to use it on a regular basis.

The technology is a great advancement to help rid people of stress of unwanted hair. This product and others like it have it's flaws but in the future it could be all the rage.

Source: Nymag.com

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It is nice product.. I am going to buy to use..