July 31, 2011

Hot or Not: No Your Not Cool | Illinois

Can you at least look up in your knock-off TOMS shoes?

No, the paps are not chasing you to your car.
For some reason this boy on Lookbook thinks he is Mary Kate and Ashley's other twin sister. In all of his outfit photos he is shot walking with shades on and Starbucks in hand. He is not anyone's celebrity. He is just some basic guy on Lookbook.

His clothes are super basic but he gets 'hyped' a lot on his page. Anyone else feeling me?


Ron said...

Why does he feel the need to have so much damn starbucks??

Just A Soul Misunderstood said...

Hey, don't be hating on this guy. If he needs to feel like he has to have a camera around him to make him "look" important, so be it. I love his style...and I get starbucks every morning too. so...I don't see the big issue.

T said...

who says those shoes arent designer? Just because they arent TOMS doesnt mean they cant be another known designer shoes. I've seen plenty shoes that look like slippers. And SO WHAT. theres a lot of people that get hyped on LB that have simple looks, you dont always have to be over the top to have a decent style/look about you. Thats where people misinterpret style.

WeGetDressed.com said...

Hey! I'm not hating on this guy. It's all for me the way the guy presents himself and that's mostly the reason why I felt a certain way about him. Yes style is all about confidence, but not when your trying to act/be like someone your not.