July 23, 2011

Recent Purchase: Mini Moisture Haul

Yes, it's summer time which means your body needs the moisture it looses from dehydration. 
You don't want dry skin or hair so if you are looking for amazing products that work well look into:

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
Cetaphil products have always been a staple in my beauty regimen. I love their entire line of facial cleansers and moisturizers. This particular one I picked up is amazing because its super RICH! The consistency is thick, but unscented and doesn't feel thick on your skin. This can applied all over your body or as a face moisturizer. 

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
No particular brand is better over the other. 100% Virgin Coconut Oil has many uses in it's recommended descriptions, but I use it all over my hair for moisture. This is the one and only product that I will be using to moisturize my hair. It only takes a small dab to make your hair shiny and nourished!

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