July 21, 2011

Trend: Semi-Permanent Mascara

Semi-Permanent Mascara A recent beauty advancement made by the company CryBaby is a salon treatment that launched allowing you to have dark, thick lashes without falsies that can last up to two weeks.

The application process takes about 15 minutes. The lower lashes are taped down so they won't stick the upper lashes. Several layers of a paste product are then applied to the lashes. After the application, you are required to use "oil-free" products and not to take a shower for three hours afterwards.

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A first-handreviewer from fashionista.com says that after her application, three days into it, she started to wake up with flaking leaving her lashes half-coated. The lashes get really stiff and have tendencies to break off because they are so hard.

This technology is new so it sounds like it needs some work to make it a marketable product.

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