August 20, 2011

Tip: 5 Ways To Wear A Snap Back Hat

1. The Nerdy Boy
Pop your bill to give you more of the high-school geek look.

**I've been looking into getting a NY snap-back pretty recently because I would be moving to the city soon and I brought this idea up to a couple of friends and they all laughed at me saying, "No you can't pull that off". I asked what you mean it's just a hat?

Everyone thinks I want to wear baggy clothes not just because I wanted to wear a baseball cap AKA snap-back. I needed to prove them wrong. Here is what I found. 

2. Casual/Laid Back
The way he wore his hat looks as if he just came from school and wanted to cover up his scruffy hair. He does not look too over-dressed or too bummy. 

3. Skater Kid
This guy probably skates in empty parking lots after school.

4. Eclectic/ Street 
He shops at vintage stores and wear hats to accessorize well put together outfits. This is my favorite way of wearing a snap-back hat.

5. Urban
This was is usually when you have nothing interesting in your wardrobe to wear that you work outs outfit around your hat. This is one thing I don't like. Your one accessory should not be the focus. This is my least favorite way to wear a snap-back hat. 

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