September 20, 2011

Event: Charlotte Fashion Week: Day 1 | Ritz Carlton Kick-Off

Loany G Photographer

See the rest of the photos after the break!

Davita Galloway Stylist

Moriah Girley + Ron O'Neil

Rita Miles

Loany G and I. Love her.

I had to get a photo of the camp dress pants.

My final pose before I exit the building. 

Karen Rose of 

Christian Phillips + Ron O'Neil

Karen Chatelain of Burkinabe Couture

Andre Jarrid, Byron Mcfarlane, Kyle Murray

Charlotte Fashion Week 2011 kicked off September 20th at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Charlotte with a fashion meet and greet. The evening was free and open to all who wanted to come. Designers, models, bloggers and anyone who wanted to make fashion connects came out tonight to celebrate the kickoff off Charlotte Fashion Week.

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