October 4, 2011

wegetDRESSED Daily: Chaise Floyd | Charlotte, NC

Describe your style.
My style varies bc I can be rock one day, very high fashion the other then I can give the high fashion vintage school boy look. I feel like it is who you are you style is what describes you the best

Which career direction are you wanting to take? 
I would want to pursue modeling, dance, and cosmetology. 

How often do you shop?
shop almost everyday. I have a big shopping problem whether its thrift or the mall, I stay at both. My shopping addicitiong is so bad that I will make time out of my day to shop even when im at work.


chera said...

Chaise I love ur style! Its always different from day to day

Anonymous said...

That's how it's done Baby Boy.....Auntie is so very proud of u keep it up and know u can do anything u put ur mind too do.....Aways MLS