November 2, 2011

Article: The Future of Futuristic Shades

From the likes of Coco and Breezy and Stevie Boi these prominent designers are known for their studded, chained and costume-like shades. For the past two years these designers and others like them don't seem to be going away. 

Rihanna in a pair of Stevie Boi Glasses

Don't get me wrong with this article, this is not meant to bash anyones craft or hustle, I just feel that these 'fad' futuristic shades from these designers are not timeless. I can speak for a large majority of people when I say that "people don't dress like that." But is the new trend like how vintage came but stuck around? Trend or Fad?

Steph Jones in Coco + Breezy Glasses

The glasses that these designers make are for the indie, underground, individual. This type of person doesn't shop at flagship stores, but thrifting and even their own creations. The futuristic glasses are too over the top to be worn anywhere else then the street or the club. 

November 2011 Italian Vogue

On the other hand, major A-List celebrities and fashion publications [Italian Vogue] have been featuring designers glasses very heavily. Coco and Breezy just recently had a cameo in Beyonce's 

Would I purchase a pair of these shades? My answer is no I would not. They look good on the designers, but I would not invest in accessories that can't be versatile. But is this the future in fashion? Out with vintage and in with the future? Only time can tell, because it would all depend on how much the fad grows. 


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