November 4, 2011

Article: A Halloween Rant

The photo above was a piece of inspiration for this article. 
What did you dress up to be this year? 

Halloween is the only day that the world can dress without the taboos. 
 You won't get criticized for wearing blonde a wig, a cat suit with a whip, eye shadow with glitter at 12 in the afternoon etc. 

 Halloween shows true peoples "characters" and that is taken literally. Whether that is goofy, sexy, over-the-top, mysterious and list goes on. What if everyday we were allowed to dress how we want? Is anyone stopping us? What if YOU dressed how you wish you could everyday? The fashion industry would never be the same if everyone dressed like they were going to a costume party. Gap would go out of business. 

Fashion is beautiful and fun guys and girls! Don't read books and blogs that tell you whats in or out! Let this be a motivation to you that fashion should not be worn to fit molds. 
We only live once.

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