November 22, 2011

Top 5 Male Celebrities Who Need New Styles

Justin Bieber
The stylist that is dressing him currently is making him look to urban and futuristic. That look on him doesn't look like what he is like outside of work. 

You would think a designer, mogul, producer of sorts would keep himself looking decent on the streets. It's rare that you would see Diddy possess any sort of style unless he is performing or on a red carpet.  

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Soulja Boy
Because his music career is not really hitting on a dime, lets get him to spend his money wisely on a good stylist to change up his image!

He has been around for a while in the music industry and throughout his reign, there has not been any major revamping in his wardrobe. Usher keeps it safe when it comes to getting DRESSED.

Every so often do we find one of the biggest rapper in the world Drake in a outfit containing more than two colors. His luggage contents only of white t-shirts and baggy denim. Don't get mad at me with this one because we first saw rapper Kanye break the stereotypical "rapper" style of dress when he came on the scene.

Source: UpscaleHype

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