December 6, 2011

Tip: How to be a Fashion Blogger from Susie Bubble

 The whole blogging concept is not new in the online fashion world, but many people on the internet want to break into the scene and give it a try. Many readers of popular fashion blogs like The Sartorialist an see the lifestyle that can result from a successful blog. Fashion blogger Susanna Lau of dishes out her take on what makes fashion blogger hopefuls successful.  

Number 1: Don't give up. "I have been writing by blog now for almost 5 years. It took a long time before people noticed my blog, so don´t get discouraged if you don´t get comments or feedback soon. It takes time."  

Number 2: Make good content. "A fashion blog can be so much more than daily outfits! Do your research on fashion." Creating content on your blog should set yourself apart from the other million who talk about "celeb style" or "what I bought today." There is nothing wrong with writing thoughtful in-depth articles and having to a little research. Lau says that, "Sourcing stories takes loads of time, much more than actually writing the post. For every post I spend 15 minutes writing, I´ve spent two hours of looking up background info, links and photos."

Number 3: Use good media. "If you look at the top 10 fashion blogs in the world, they all have beautiful pictures and the writer clearly has an eye for good photography (or photoshopping..)." Don't waste your time writing articles that seem really interesting but you have no good images to tag along with your story.

No one's creating rules for blogging, and everyone should not jump into the concept if they are not passionate; my personal rule of thumb. But if you are, keep trying new things to find what fits for you.


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