December 12, 2011

Sea of Shoes Blogger Shares Clothes WIth Mom

Above this is Judy Aldridge, Jane' mom wearing the 'baby necklace' by Allison Mager

I'm sure any reader of Jane Aldridge's at Sea of Shoes could tell that that girl has access to many amazing, gag worthy clothes and accessories and without a doubt know that her and her mom share those clothes. Jane and her mom Judy both have similar style both timeless with playful, fun accents.

Jane wearing the same necklace. 

I would never condone that for the average girl since most of the time a daughter and mother should be on different levels when it comes to getting DRESSED.

Jane origianlly posted her image of the neckalce back in August saying, "My mom and I were side by side browsing eBay when she found this bizarre 80's baby necklace,  and we completely freaked out. We have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival, and here it is, in all of its glory."

 I'm sure anyone reading this post could think of many mom and daughter combos who share clothes and look horrible doing so.


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modeling women said...

Elegance at its best. Nothing can get more beautiful than that.