January 8, 2012

Hair: Noire Naturals Hair Care Line

21-year-old entrepreneur and student at UNC Charlotte, Ashleigh Thornton, is well on her way to making her mark in the world of natural hair care! After making the transition from relaxed to natural as a sophomore in college, her research on how to maintain natural hair quickly that led her to create a line of her own.

"After experimenting with countless "natural" products, I found myself spending tons of money and STILL having to add supplements to them to get the desired results."

 Oh Là Là Hair Cleansing Elixir: A gentle olive oil-based cleanser, free of sulfates and filled with the powerful purifiers and moisturizers for a cleansing experience like no other!

C'est Mangnifique Rinse-or-Remain Conditioner: Finally, a silicone-free conditioner that is packed with all of the oils and butters that your hair and scalp crave!
 J'adore Curl-Defining Jelly: No flakes or crunch—just shiny, defined curls! Perfect for twist-outs and wash-and-go's!


Anonymous said...

I tried the products. I am a believer.

wegetDRESSED.com said...

I would love to try some for myself actually, I'm always open to good hair products!