January 5, 2012

Shoes: United Nude x Iris Van Herpen S/S 2012

United Nude x Iris Van Herpen collaborated back for the Fall 2010 collection at London Fashion Week creating this Alexander McQueen like twisted wire platforms [$1,295]. The selection was super limited edition, only 240 pairs were made.

 Here is another collaboration that was for S/S 2010
 Now United Nude and Iris Van Herpen are teaming up again once more for their Spring 2012 show and these puppies are one of the prototypes that we should be seeing soon. The creative director of United Nude, Rem D Koolhaas say, "We are still figuring out the production because the heels are so against gravity."

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Darius Burnette said...

Those are sexy!

I seen a post about these heels on another blog and I loved them. They said they are still trying to make the shoe wearable and comfortable to navigate in. I don't want to see a beautiful celebrity fall in the streets of NY or anybody really.