February 14, 2012

Clothing Line: Rachel Zoe Fall 2012

Do I like Rachel Zoe as a Stylist? Yes. Do I like Rachel Zoe as a Designer? No. She does great work pulling looks together for clients and models, but her collections season after fall flat to me. All of the looks look as if it came out Rachel's closet. I feel that she isn't appealing to a large clientelle when she does this. 

Yes Rachel dresses fabulously, but not every woman can/wants to do the flare, slim-cut blazer or fur vest [what you get from Rachel every season]. Can we get Rachel to hit some other notes next season? 

 See the rest of the collection here.

Source: Fashionista.com

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Anonymous said...

I like that she is sticking to her vision with her line, i think many high end designer(or those who want to be) don't change their lines much. They add different colors and textures but that's about it.