February 26, 2012

Tip: How To Wear a Dashiki

 A traditional African garb thats often tried, but not always worn properly in the states.The warmer months are on there way so why not try this out.

1. Don't try to wear a full dashiki gown and expect it to flatter your body.
2. Play with the look a bit and put on some beads or bangles. 
3. Try to buy authentic if possible. The colors and patterns will be most true and look natural. Go to a predominately black side of town and your sure to find a shop of two that sells them.

Image Source: Shadders.net


Kamea411 said...

I love how the female is wearing her Dashiki. Its Super Cute!!!

dashiki dave said...

I have never seen a belted dashiki before.

Darius Burnette said...

I've never thought of wanting one of them but I love the prints that are on dashiki's. I've seen it and never looked back but know I think I want one.