February 5, 2012

Trend: Designer Headphones

Remember back in the day when "headphones" were deemed retro and not cool to wear? Earbuds took the place of headphone for their more sleek and minimal design. Now again the youth branded Beats By Dre [$100-300]
are making headphones cool again.

Skull Candy Aviator [$150]
The day After Christmas was when I personally saw this trend take to the streets. The Beats By Dre Headsets are sought after by all young consumers and not just music-enthusiasts or music producers. Why? Better sound quality and a jacked up price? Why not?

The Beats by Dre Headsets is the Mercedes of headsets. The trend has turned more of an accessory versus a product of need. 

Take a look around, who is wearing earbuds anymore? That was so 7 minutes ago.

Source: Bestbuy.com

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