July 21, 2008

aussie bum underwear

I have an extreme fetish for hot underwear. I think that yes, your underwear should be nice too and there are hundreds of companies that make cool wears, but I been seing them advertised a lot lately, I seen one of the models on Janice Dickinsons Modeling Agency wearing them so I decided to look them up.

aussieBum originally started out as a swimwear based in Australia in 2001, but until recently, they branched out to other ventures such as loungewear and underwear. The company is known for there creative lines, such as Essence underwear; which contains vitamins locked in the fibre which releases through the skin. Also they have underwear that called the WonderJock, that suppose to enhance the appearance of a mans 'jock'. Below here are an example of some of the WonderJocks.
I am totally considering purchasing some!
Sound Off.

--Christian Nathaniel

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Corey Keith said...

Mmm.. I also have an underwear fetish... but I like them on others... Aussie bum is hot, but they really don't fit a black man as well as 2xist...

dressed said...

I really wouldn't know, but they are hot too lol. I only been wearing Calvin Klein.

Anonymous said...

I like their underwear but they don't seem to be very rugged for the price - you're supposed to hand wash them. But their bathing suits on the other hand are awesome. I wore aussibum's league suite at spring break at Panama City and WOW I had fun!