July 7, 2008

trend Alert_rosary's

I have seen more and more young people...who are not catholic wearing rosary's. I personally found them cool to be worn with slim fitting v-neck t-shirts. 

I don't know if it's bad to be worn if your not catholic, but if you are catholic, let me know! lol
Sound Off.

--Christian Nathaniel


clyde said...

i wear the rosary
my fam is catholic though
i also have a rosary tat
wrapping around my arm
in memory of my grandmother

dressed said...

I really wanna get a wooden one though...and that tattoo sounds cool. Got any pics of it?

Meanshots22 said...

i like em. i see alot of em at my old school. but to get the google map on your page just click ont he google gadgets link below it and it'll take you to the page where u download it.

♥ Baby C™ said...

I am Catholic. I've always been taught it's okay to wear the rosary or hang it from your rearview mirror (a lot of people do it) or whatever as long as you know it's religious significance.

I have nothing against wearing it as an accessory. It's a great way to express your faith. Even if you're not Catholic, it's the same as wearing a cross necklace.

People should just be aware that to many people of the Catholic faith, it is a religious symbol and there IS a profound purpose to it according to our beliefs. So just take it into consideration when and where you're wearing it. I think as long as it's not worn in a disrespectful manner, it's all good! :)

tsad said...

Rosarys are so hot this summer! WOW!